Results 2016/17

Region A

Scarborough Intermediate Tournament
Winners: Scarborough Panthers
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Newcastle Intermediate Tournament

Winners: Scarborough Panthers
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York Intermediate Tournament
Winners: Lancashire Lions B
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Region B

Birmingham Intermediate Tournament
Winners: Fen Tigers
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Birmingham Intermediate Tournament

Winners: RNC Academy 
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Reading Intermediate Tournament

Winners: Fen Tigers
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Goalball UK Intermediate Finals Tournament 2017
English Institute of Sport
13/05/2017 & 14/05/2017

League Table 2016/17

Intermediate Region A Division

Team Points
1st Lancashire Lions 24
2nd Scarborough Panthers 21
3rd South Yorkshire 19
4th Nottinghamshire Sheriffs 18
5th Glasgow 5
6th West Yorkshire 4
7th North East 3

Intermediate Region B Division

Team Points
1st Fen Tigers 24
2nd RNC Academy 18
3rd Winchester 15
4th New College Worcester 13
=4th Cambridge Dons 13
6th London Elephants 7
7th Croysutt Warriors 4
8th Birmingham 3
9th Beacon Bullets 1
=9th South Wales 1

Tournament Stats 2016/17

Top Goalscorers

Region A

Pos Name Goals
1st Ryan Wilcock (Nottinghamshire Sheriffs) 44
2nd Rio Vasey (Scarborough Panthers) 38
3rd Charlie Woodhead (Scarborough Panthers) 27
Pos Name Goals
1st Meica Jayne Christensen (South Yorkshire) 25
2nd Antonia Bunyan (West Yorkshire) 9
3rd Louise Simpson (South Yorkshire) 8

Region B

Pos Name Goals
1st Danny Reeves (Birmingham) 32
2nd Dom Roper (Fen Tigers) 29
3rd Josh Murphy (RNC Academy) 28
Pos Name Goals
1st Laura Perry (Fen Tigers) 31
2nd Kali Holder (RNC Academy) 17
3rd Lois Turner (Croysutt Warriors) 16

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Intermediate Finals 2016

Winners: Winchester

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1st Winchester
2nd Fen Tigers
3rd RNC Hereford
4th Scarborough
5th Cambridge Dons
6th New College Worcester
7th Nottinghamshire Sheriffs
8th York
9th Yorkshire
10th North East
11th Lancashire Lions
12th Glasgow