Goalball UK National League Standings is the combined points from our Novice, Intermediate and Elite Leagues. The club who finishes first in this league is crowned National League Champions.

Pos Team Pts
=1st Scarborough Panthers 32
=1st Winchester 32
3rd New College Worcester 31
4th Lancashire Lions 29
5th South Yorkshire 25
6th Cambridge Dons 23
7th RNC Academy 22
8th West Yorkshire 17
=9th Croysutt Warriors 16
=9th Northern Allstars 16
11th Fen Tigers 14
12th Beacon Bullets 11
13th Phoenix 10
14th Nottinghamshire Sheriffs 9
15th Birmingham 9
=16th London Elephants 6
=16th VI Bees 6
18th North East 2
19th Glasgow 1


RNC Academy- National League Champions 2015/16